Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry

NDT methods for cost-saving and effective analysis
Non destructive testing (NDT) methods enable effective and accurate analysis of the properties of different items such as components, materials and systems without causing any damage.

One of the most effective NDT methods is Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry (APR); one of H.P.F.M. B.V. specialist services. Any fouls, leaks or other critical faults are quickly detected. The item stays intact during inspection, which saves money and time as conventional inspections can be slow, cumbersome and limited.

Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry in tubular testing
As Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry (APR) is one of the most effective types of non-destructive testing, it is often used for tubular testing. With this technology, an acoustic pulse is injected into a tube and is measured by a small microphone. The microphone registers any discontinuities of the pulse and creates a reflection which is determined by the characteristics of the discontinuity. This innovative way of inspecting tubes, will bring any leaks, increases in diameters and blockages in industrial tube systems to the surface.

H.P.F.M. B.V. was the first to commercialise this NDT technology and uses Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry for tubular testing for Tube Testing Europe B.V.

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