H.P.F.M.  B.V. Product & Industries:

Medical & farmaceutical industries. Autofrettage industries, Agricultural industries

Food industries like: Pasteurization Processing, Sterilization Processing, High Pressure Processing & Fruit Juice Processing, High Pressure Chemosynthesis Processing.

Fuel injection industries like: Diesel High Pressure Injection Technologies & Automation industries.

Synthetic Quartz Crystal manufacturing industries.

Aviation & Aerospace industries, Gas & Oil Exploration & Production Research industries.

Chemical & Petrochemical industries like: LDPE & Waterjet cutting industries.

Ballistic Research Laboratories & industries like: Weapon & Ammunition industries.

Ocean, Deepsea & Marine industries.

H.P.F.M Your partner for

  • Metrology
    The always needed measuring specialism in order to back up your customer needs and executed by an independent company. In collaboration with manufacturers, universities and end-users, all with traceable experinces, our High Pressure R&D know-how are on a high and equal level, and has a track record for over more than 65 years!  Read more
  • Calibration
    The always needed measuring specialism in order to back up your customer needs! There are several manufacturers of High Pressure transducers till 1.5 GPa on the market today, but just a few calibration facilities are able to calibrate these against a Secondary Pressure Standard. However, H.P.F.M. B.V. is even able to calibrate these ranges against a Primary Pressure Standard. Read more
  • Validation
    High pressures, up to 1.6 GPa is not only a niche and on known field. It also takes a lot of experiences expertise and skills in order to handle this entire process from engineering till calibration, and a equal final commissioning. Many industries are working these days with High Pressure ranges till 1.5 GPa and even 1.6 GPa, and many others will follow soon! We as H.P.F.M. B.V. are able to select a SAFE, yet TRACEABLE line of High Pressure Transducers, Gauges, Recorders, Tubing, Valve’s Fittings, PSV’s & PRV’s in order to assemble, validate and finally calibrate your specific local needs. Needs like a High Pressure test facility, and many more High Pressure requests.      Read more


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