Pressure calibration equipment

Unrivalled pressure calibration equipment from H.P.F.M

Whether you are in the food, fuel or autofrettage industry, pressure calibration equipment is of the utmost Metrology and quality servicesimportance. After all, it marks the difference between high quality and safety, and potential disaster. What if we would tell you that we offer pressure calibration equipment that performs pressure calibrations of up to 1.5 GPa (15000 kg/cm2), and that they are performed according to the International Primary Pressure Standard (IPPS)? Surely you would jump at the chance to learn more!

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Pressure calibration equipment: why H.P.F.M. is up to its task

H.P.F.M. has over 33 years of experience in performing measurements, calibrations and validations. We understand the importance of repeatability and accuracy, both in terms of product quality and stability, and equipment performance.

Metrology and quality servicesTherefore, we continually work together with universities and manufacturers to improve our services and equipment. Nowadays, we proudly present our pressure calibration equipment as unrivalled in the world.

This is because our equipment:

  1. Performs high pressure calibrations of up to an oustanding 1.5 GPa (15000 Kg/cm2)
  2. Fully ISO/IEC 17025 2005; for our Mass dead weigths – The Piston Cylinder asembly + Area and Local center of Gravity!
  3. But also our environmental calibration room data like Ambient Temperature, Ambient Relative Humidity, and ambient barometric pressure is ISO/IEC 17025 2005; traceable.
  4. We only use SS-316 dead weigths. So no negative influances caused by any magnetic field.
  5. Performs calibrations according to the IPPS and ISO/IEC 17025-2005; procedures
  6. Achieves an accuracy of 0.02% Reading, at our 3 calibration laboratories.
  7. Being split-up by -01- Vacuum / Pressure / Temperature / Electronical signaling like Pc-Bar – Coulomb. -02- Force +/_ Torque CW & CCW. -03- High Pressure with our IPPS.
  8. Achieves an accuracy of 0.1% – 0.5% – 0.7%, at your facility, like shop or production site.

No other company in Europe, and only a very few worldwide, as far as we know, can offer this level of High pressure v/s accuracy, and uncertainties.

Moreover, we are not limited to one industry: we have extensive experience in all relevant businesses, from petrochemical and chemical companies to automotive, medical, pharmaceutical, engineering, food, military organisations, universities and all related R&D departments globally.

How we carry out pressure calibration equipment services

First of all, work around tedious logistic procedures and apply very short lead times. 

Furthermore, we offer consultancy with regard to electronic and mechanical applications, as well as high pressure applications and media, and metrological environmental conditions.

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