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Calibration Standards for Pressure, Vacuum, Mass, Force and Torque

Our standards

The calibration standards for H.P.F.M. on-site pressure are;

1 BarG – 5 BarG – 10 BarG – 20 BarG – 50 BarG – 100 BarG – 250 BarG – 500 BarG – 750 BarG – 1000 BarG. Accuracies < 0.1 % Fso.

1500 BarG – 2000 BarG – 2500 BarG – 3000 BarG – 5000 BarG – 10000 BarG – 14000 BarG – 15000 BarG. Accuracies < 0.1 Fso.

The associated digital compensator we use is 0.0005 (5 ppm)
All traceable and within the 17025 procedures.

H.P.F.M. B.V. Global experience

H.P.F.M. B.V., generally is a throughly reliable and global experienced company within the high pressure calibration.

We also offer a total of High Pressure calibration services to many different industries such as automotive, general applicable engineering, related R&D, chemical & petrochemical, pharmaceutical, medical, military (NATO procedures), Power, and food HPP, industries demanding the highest levels of accuracy and quality. Metrology and calibration within this range is a highly underestimated discipline that needs te be done in just “ONE WAY”, AND ONE WAY ONLY!

H.P.F.M B.V. Your independent partner for:


The always needed measuring specialism in order to back up your customer needs and executed by an independent company.

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The always needed measuring specialism in order to back up your customer needs!

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High pressure, up to 1.6 GPa is not only an unknown field, and is does take a lot of experiences and skills in order to handle this entire process.

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Drinking water & World Water Winning

The world number one utmost important liquid! Ever more important than any other liquid, even oil! This unique device will monitoring 24-7-365 the operational status of your drinking water distribution network.

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Only the Highest Quality Work

Metrology Instruments

DEADWEIGHT TESTERS (PRESSURE BALANCES) | The European / International Primary Pressure Standard.

Pressure calibrations

H.P.F.M. B.V., are only using deadweight testers, in order to calibrate your full line of pressure related instruments. Including local Calibration services at the customers site.

Force calibration

H.P.F.M. B.V., are using deadweight equipment, in order to calibrate your full line of force related instruments. Including local Calibration services with secondary force Standards at the customers site.

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