High pressure metrology specialist

For over 30 years, H.P.F.M. has been a high pressure metrology specialist. We deliver consultancy, validations and calibrations to different industries all over the world working with high pressure. H.P.F.M. is one of the few high pressure metrology specialists to perform calibrations up to 1,6 Gpa. We closely work together with international manufacturers, universities and end-users.

As a high pressure metrology specialist we offer a complete range of calibration services to many different industries such as automotive, general applicable engineering, related R&D, chemical & petrochemical, pharmaceutical, medical, military (NATO procedures), power and food industries demanding the highest levels of accuracy and quality.

Within these industries metrology and calibration are highly underestimated disciplines that need to be performed by a high pressure metrology specialist only.

H.P.F.M. B.V. is a leading high pressure metrology specialist. We closely follow and support all metrology developments in high pressure calibration and have been requested to collaborate with the international development of the Joint Research Project (JRP) team managed by the German National Metrology laboratory (PTB), and supported by the European Metrology Programme, implemented by EURAMET.

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high pressure metrology specialist
Contact us for all requests in this specific field for all applicable equipment like high pressure transducers, transmitters, gauges, recorders, pressure vessels, reactors, intensifiers, tubing, fittings, toggle – needle & check valves, PSV’s, PRV’s in any environment including the required electrical and instrumentation, and the PED & ATEX specifications.

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