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Total global High Pressure and High Force Calibrations & Related QA Management.

Primary High Pressure calibration services with the use of a one of a kind

International Primary Pressure Standard till 1.6 GPa (16000 Kg/cm2)


Force calibration till 6 MN, with reference standards.

All traceable to ISO/IEC 17025 2005;


Torque calibration till 50 KnM in CW &  CCW.

All traceable to EN ISO/IEC 17025 2005;


Temperature calibration and validation.

All traceable to EN ISO/IEC 17025 2005;  


H.P.F.M. B.V., generally is a throughly reliable and global experienced QA partner. These expertise and full experience are based on the Global QA related design, engineering & full knowledge in multi disciplines within the farmacheutical & medical devices. All according the ISO 14971, ISO 13485 – MDD and FDA – 21 CFR 820 (IQ > OQ > PQ) but also within the CAPA (Corrective Actions & Preventive Actions) procedures and/or specifically designed QA Management procedure and Vilvaldi software structural applications for over 33 years now!

We be able to manage your specific QA / FDA requests within a solid and traceable QA Management plan, procedure and structure, throughout any project on a global 24/7 level!

We also offer a total of High Pressure calibration services to many different industries such as automotive, general applicable engineering, related R&D, chemical & petrochemical, pharmaceutical, medical, military (NATO procedures), Power, and food industries demanding the highest levels of accuracy and quality. Metrology and calibration within this range is a highly underestimated discipline that needs te be done in just “ONE WAY”, AND ONE WAY ONLY!

Without the correct equations and calculations, including the traceable knowledge for i.e. the specific High Pressure fluidum, a very dangerous situation is born! Be aware that many High Pressure systems are completely destroyed by using the wrong fluïdum! Wrong selected High Pressure fluïdum will change in a hygroscopic phenomenon, which will damage your final sensitive High Pressure equipment in just a few seconds, and even on a rather low pressure range, way before the needed pressure range is achieved!

For H.P.F.M.  B.V., High Pressure starts at the range of 0.5 GPa to 1.6 GPa! We are also able to calibrate your instruments at a lower range too. Just to be clear!

So the extended know – how that we do have, is essential for all High Pressure applications. This including any transition of High Pressure v/s temperature. This is also an area that we are able to calibrate & validate, safe and traceable.  Many requested project are achieved and especially in the military and food industries.

But also High Pressure pilots has been designed, engineered, built, calibrated and from time to time re-calibrated. The entire High Pressure deal in one solid package. The H.P.F.M. High Pressure Package! Contact us for all requests in this specific field for all applicable equipment like High Pressure transducers, transmitters, gauges, recorders, pressure vessels, reactors, intensifiers, tubing, fittings, toggle – needle & check valves, PSV’s, PRV’s in any environment including the  needed electrical and instrumentation, and the PED & ATEX specifications. The related QA/QC procedures are also met in regards to all previous project requests, and the full ITP & FAT applicable structures.


H.P.F.M.  B.V., Always under High Pressure & High Forces!!

Contact us at:

Office:   +31 (0) 72 30 30 380

Cell:     +31 (0) 6 1902 4351




For over 35 years, H.P.F.M. has been an experienced partner and consultant in High Pressure and Force Metrology. We deliver world class metrology services, such as measurements, validations and calibrations, to different industries all over the world working with High Pressure. Our services enable them to safely produce high quality products and save costs.

As the first and only lab in the world, we can perform primary standard high pressure calibrations up to 1,6 GPa (IPPS standard).  H.P.F.M. B.V. was also the first to commercialise Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry (linkt naar APR/NDT).

We closely work together with international manufacturers, universities, end-users and collaborate with the international development team (linkt naar JRP website) managed by the German National Metrology laboratory (PTB), and supported by the European Metrology Program.  


H.P.F.M B.V. your independent partner for:

  • Metrology
    The always needed measuring specialism in order to back up your customer needs and executed by an independent company. Read more
  • Calibration
    The always needed measuring specialism in order to back up your customer needs! Read more
  • Validation
    High pressure, up to 1.6 GPa is not only an unknown field, and is does take a lot of experiences and skills in order to handle this entire process. H.P.F.M.  are dealing with this specific technology for over more than 3 decades!  Read more
  • Drinking water
    The world number one utmost important liquid! Ever more important than any other liquid, even oil!  Read more
  • We can supply our new tool soon, called WORLD WATER WINNER. This unique device will monitoring 24-7-365 the operational status of your drinking water distribution network. Before a leak will arises, our system signalize this and an alarm will be sent to the mainframe, and we will inform the operational owner.
  • Any question, dont hesitate to contact us.


Soon we will add some High Pressure Technology publications