High Pressure Metrology Services

For over 30 years, H.P.F.M. has been an experienced partner and consultant in High Pressure and Force Metrology. We deliver world class metrology services in calibration, validation, maintenance, repair, engineering & sales. We do this for all industrial applications on a global level! Our services enable them to safely produce high quality products and save costs.

As one of the very few labs in the world, and the only one in the entire European Continent, we perform primary standard high pressure calibrations up to 1,6 GPa (IPPS standard).
H.P.F.M. B.V. was also the first company who ommercialise the Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry technology!

We closely work together with international manufacturers, universities, end-users and collaborate with the international development team managed by the German National Metrology laboratory (PTB) , and supported by the European Metrology Program of Euramet.


Quality Assurance & Quality Control Management can only by executed on related practical experience and expertise within any QA/QC related field!
(check our Company profile for EPC applications and our total project QA/QC commitment)


For more info please take a look at:  http://emrp-highpres.cmi.cz/

H.P.F.M. B.V.  Your global independent partner for High Pressure Calibrations

  • Metrology HIGH PRESSURE:
    The always needed traceably and measuring specialism, in order to back up “your customer needs” and executed by an independent company. Our International Primary Pressure Standard (IPPS) is based (like all pressure balances on the globe) by the scientific and metrology related equation P=F/A. All specifications are available upon request, So the centre of gravity, the coventional mass (F=M) and the area of the piston (A) including the CMC’s, and also including all additional other specifications. Read more

Calibration HIGH PRESSURE:
We do operate independently, in the quantity pressure (P) Our specialism, in order to back up “your highly needed customer demands” Several Pressure Standards are available in order to calibrate your instruments.
We are also able to calibrate your instruments against a 1.6 GPa Secondary Pressure Standard, but also against our 1.6 GPa Primary Pressure Standard who is in the research status now. The final use of the HPFM 1.6 GPa pressure range as an International Primary Pressure Standard will be obtain at the end of 2017. So 100% traceability at the full pressure range.


International Primary Pressure Standard 1.6 GPa



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  • Validation HIGH PRESSURE:
    High Pressures, up to 1.6 GPa is a unique, yet very specialized field. It does take a lot of experiences, expertise and  and skills in order to handle this entire process. We as H.P.F.M. can deliver this entire High Pressure range !


Soon we will add some: High Pressure Technology publications

Metrology instruments & Our Mission

Metrology tools: DEADWEIGHT TESTERS (PRESSURE BALANCES) | The European / International Primary Pressure Standard.

The H.P.F.M.  B.V. (definition) and our dead weight tester apparatus uses known traceable weights to apply pressure to a fluid for checking the accuracy of readings from a pressure gauge. A dead weight tester (DWT) is a calibration standard method that uses a piston cylinder on which a load is placed to make an equilibrium with an applied pressure underneath the piston.

Deadweight testers are so called primary standards which means that the pressure measured by a deadweight tester is defined through other quantities:

  • Length
  • Mass
  • Time

Typically deadweight testers are used in calibration laboratories to calibrate pressure transfer standards like electronic pressure measuring devices.


Mission of H.P.F.M. B.V. :

International calibration services with an “International Primary Pressure Standard”

“The European / International Secondary Pressure Standard” in your calibration laboratory?

Metrology Calibration services

Are you are looking for a High Pressure Secondary Calibration Standard device from 1.0 GPa up to 1.6 GPa?

Please contact us! We can supply all the needed design, engineering, drawings, equipment, assembly, installation, final commissioning, all documents, training and software.

And last but not least, this Secondary Pressure Standard is calibrated against an International Primary Pressure Standard. This absolutly traceable calibration device will be your Secondary Pressure Standard in your calibration laboratory and operational area.  Send us your request, including the High Pressure range and accuracy and we will send you the best commercial proposal on the international market today!

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The 1.6 GPa - International Primary Pressure Standard. "IPPS"
The 1.6 GPa – International Primary Pressure Standard. “IPPS”